What is it?

  • A personal mortgage chat with your adviser.
  • On your computer or tablet.
  • Without using camera or webcam.
  • Without installing separate software.
  • You share your documents via a secured online mortgage file.
  • Secure, easy and within 24 hours.


  1. You make an appointment with your adviser.
  2. You receive an email invitation to digitally fill out your client profile.
  3. You receive a link to your personal and secured mortgage file.
  4. In your file you will find an overview of the documents that your adviser needs.
  5. You upload these documents and fill out the answers in your client profile.
  6. You have a free-of-charge introductory call at the agreed time.
  7. Your adviser will have studied the documents and your client profile in advance of the call. 8. You go to the website www.schermdelen.nl
  8. You will receive a login code by which you can view the screen of your advisor.